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Phone Call: A Very Short Story

She rehearsed the call. She knew what to expect. She’d heard it all before. She had an answer ready for every objection, every accusation, every snide comment and insult. It just didn’t turn out as she thought it would. But … Continue reading

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Halfway through his tale of his journey to the Underworld, Odysseus paused. All the Phaiakians were silent, overwhelmed by the story. Alkinoos spoke up:           Odysseus, we, as we look upon you, do not imagine           that you are a … Continue reading

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The Phantom Unicyclist

Visions of a ghostly unicyclist began to be reported over a century ago and were initially thought to be a sign of demonic possession. The presence was called the “Phantom Unicyclist” (a name that is often still used), and its … Continue reading

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In Homer’s Odyssey, Thrinakia was the island of Helios, the sun god, where he kept his herds of cattle and sheep. Odysseus was warned that when he and his companions got to the island, they should not to slaughter and … Continue reading

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