The Phantom Unicyclist

The Phantom Unicyclist

Visions of a ghostly unicyclist began to be reported over a century ago and were initially thought to be a sign of demonic possession. The presence was called the “Phantom Unicyclist” (a name that is often still used), and its “victims” were routinely institutionalized.

Today the visions are no longer feared except by a few. Most consider the visions a blessing, but there is great debate about their meaning. The Society for the Blessings of the Unicyclist, like many of the more conservative schools of thought, continues to argue that the Unicyclist chooses certain people purposefully and that a vision is a sign of grace. The Unintentionality School, however, insists that the visions are random. By phone, Dr. Cecilia Villanueva of the MacMullen Institute of Unintentionality said, “well, if they are a sign of grace, explain the case of Francis ‘Franko’ Whiting. His vision has been admitted by all to be genuine, but the guy’s an idiot and, to be honest, a bit of a jerk. He nearly got himself arrested again last night for swimming in the fountain at city hall, by the way. No ‘sign of grace’ in that case.”

Most scholars do agree, at the very least, about the state of extreme delight and levity brought about by a sighting of the Unicyclist.


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3 Responses to The Phantom Unicyclist

  1. Didion says:

    But what is the relationship between the Phantom Unicyclist and the Phantom Tollbooth?

  2. Didion says:

    BTW, this post is FAB.

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