Phone Call: A Very Short Story


She rehearsed the call. She knew what to expect. She’d heard it all before. She had an answer ready for every objection, every accusation, every snide comment and insult.

It just didn’t turn out as she thought it would.

But she walked away feeling strangely relaxed.


About eteokretan

Interests include: books, art, movies, history, mythology, wandering around, people watching, being a bit weird, running, soccer.
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2 Responses to Phone Call: A Very Short Story

  1. My first thought was – wow, a pay phone. I haven’t seen one of those in awhile!

    • eteokretan says:

      I realized that was one odd thing about the story. How often do you see a pay phone, and beyond that, who still uses them? But I ran across this broken phone in NYC a few months ago and couldn’t resist playing with the idea of what the last phone call was like.

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