Lost Cause—Flash Fiction

“I know I’m not going to succeed. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I took a stand. I don’t like people bringing their dogs out of the building and just letting them urinate everywhere. I’ve had it. Whatever happened to common courtesy? There’s a park three blocks away. Why don’t they take them there? Doesn’t anyone have any goddamn sense anymore?”


About eteokretan

Interests include: books, art, movies, history, mythology, wandering around, people watching, being a bit weird, running, soccer.
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One Response to Lost Cause—Flash Fiction

  1. Didion says:

    I love this. It’s so passive-aggressive. “I didn’t want to get all shrill, so I’ll just put up this subtle stencil to give a kind of whispered version of my message.”

    Nice catch, Eteokretan — I’ve got to take my camera with me more often.

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