It’s still unclear what all this is about. I’m exploring possibilities.

Why Thrinakia?

You can call me Eteokretan. Why? Because the first 25 or so names I wanted to call myself on WordPress were taken, goddamn it. Then “Eteokretan” popped into my head as something very unlikely to have been chosen, and it was available, so I grabbed it instantly.

Homer, Odyssey, 19:172-77 (Lattimore’s translation, adapted):

There is a land called Crete in the middle of the wine-blue sea, a handsome country and fertile, seagirt, and there are many peoples in it, innumerable. . . . Language with language mix there together. There are Achaians, there are great-hearted Eteokretans, there are Kydonians, and Dorians in three divisions, and noble Pelasgians.

The name “Eteokretan” means “True Cretan.” It probably refers to the descendents of the Minoans living in what Homer describes as a multicultural island, after Greek-speaking peoples (Achaians, Dorians) had moved in and dominated the island. Inscriptions written in the (yet untranslated) Eteokretan language exist dating as late as the time of Alexander the Great.

I think the image an ancient multicultural, multilingual Crete is just a really cool thing, and untranslated languages are fabulous.

I’m an academic (what, you didn’t guess that already?), a bibliophile, a runner. I enjoy watching movies, soccer, people. I’m a bit weird and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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